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Secret Voice Recorder Voice Activated

Be Smart, Know First


Do you know what is going on in your office while you are away?

Do you want proof of what said and agreed?

Do you want to know What is going on in the car voice activated?


 Secret Voice Recorder,  Covert Voice Recorder Voice activated

Do you want to record conversations covertly and secretly voice activated for Long Hours?

Do you want to record your meeting conversations discreetly?

Do you want to have an evidence of what has been said clearly for legal use?

We manufacture secret covered Digital voice recorders which you can leave in the target area such as room, car or office and record voices voice activated. Some of our voice recorders works with battery and some with electrics so you can plug it to electric wall socket and record secretly the voices for long hours without any suspicious.
Our entire digital voice recorders we manufactures are easy to use, voice activated. Plug and play USB connection makes it easy to use your PC or Laptop for play back, and also you can download data to your computer hard disk or even on CD for later use.

So you can have short time portable battery operated voice activated or mains operated voice recorder for long time recording in fully working mains objects.

We offer you the high quality battery or mains operated secret voice recorder with unbeatable price and also you take advantages of our NO1 after sales services.

calculator voice recorder
 extension voice recorder 
European extension lead voice recorder

Fully working Calculator with 40Hours voice recorder voice activated

Extension lead with 200 hours voice recorder
European Extension Lead voice recorder



 magneficent voice recorder Key fob voice recorder pen voice recorder telephone recorder
Micro filter Telephone Recorder

Magneficent Voice recorder
Key Fob Voice Recorder
20 Hours voice activated
Pen Voice recorder with 4GB capacity voice ativated
40 hours land line telephone recorder

radi clock voice recorder
Wall microphone
 CD Case Voice Recorder 
mobile phone recorder interface
Radio Clock with 200/400 hours voice recorder
   Listen through Wall Microphone


CD Case
Voice Recorder
Record 200H
Voice Actvated


Mobile phne Recorder interface

car bug voice recorder Computer Bag Voice recorder 
Micro voice recorder
Mobile phone charger voice recorder
Car Bug
Secret Voice Recorder voice activated
Computer Bag
Voice recorder
Voice Activated
Micro Voice Recorder
Voice Activated
Mobile Phone Charger Voice Recorder

For advice or purchases please do not hesitate to contact us or even pop down to our London shop for a demonstration.

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